Monday, 30 July 2012

Still out of action

The camera that is - not me!  Well good evening, peeps - the sun is shining and all is well except I could do with it being a bit warmer since, despite the sun, it's quite chilly out there!

Since a new camera has still not been purchased, I thought I might show you one or two oldies but not yet seen on my blog-ies....oh yes, all has not yet been revealed!

Today, I've been working on some Clarity samples ready for the shows at the weekend but I don't think I showed you some from the last show:

The challenge from Barbara was to take an 'everyday' kit and make it into a Christmas scene and this is what I did with the Harbour Kit yes, it even snows at the seaside!  The snowflakes on this were made with a Whimsy die called Winter's Jewel 1.

This one was a little easier because it just involved making a Christmas scene from the Village Stamps and the Church Stamp had to be included for this one!

Finally, here is Puck sitting under the Mushrooms in the snow.  The lights weren't very kind to this card - I used Stampendous Shaved Ice to make it look really frosty but the fragments turned pink when photographed.  Maybe the camera was already on the blink.

Well I hope that all these frosty cards haven't got you shivering too much and thank you for looking today.



  1. Beautiful cards Diane, as always, x

  2. Wow what a challenge! But you did it and so beautifully too. Love all three of those cards and would not have thought it possible to do a winter one with a seaside theme - but it worked!
    Fabulous in fact.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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