Thursday, 24 December 2009

The last one

Well, in typical fashion, I finished the last Christmas card today, wrapped the final presents and now I'm all ready to go! Anyway, I thought I'd share this final masterpiece with you, it's another cutie Christmas card. (Edited 14/03/10) I replaced the first picture I took of this card with one taken by my son, Neil sometime later. He's got the posh camera and a tripod so the picture is of a much highr quality. I think I'll make hime official photographer of my cards in future!

Have a peaceful, joyous Christmas Day everyone!


  1. I love the blue monohcrome! So very pretty!
    Yeah taking pics of cards can be tricky...have you tried a light box?

  2. It's still a really lovely and well made card! Try setting your camera to NO FLASH then hold a table lamp near, to give sufficient light, when taking the photo. It works for me... well most of the time!!!
    Jo x


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