Thursday, 18 September 2014

There be dragons here.....

Good morning, peeps and here I am with the second sneaky peek at wor Sheena's new stamp collection.

It certainly looks as though this chap has been burning up the place - it's a good job that rocks don't burn or he'd have nothing to stand on!

This is a wonderful fantasy collection that includes the gargoyle I showed you yesterday as well as a phoenix, mermaid, angel and a ghost ship that will be marvellous for those of you who celebrate Halloween.

Sheena's show is at 9.00 a.m. tomorrow so do watch on Sky 674 to see some great techniques demonstrated!

Thank you for looking today.


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  1. Stunning card Diane, I've been naughty and blogged a sample per stamp sheet as I couldn't decided which to blog.. So I'm in the naughty corner.. Again lol... These are a fantastic range of stamps tho.. I've had a ball with them Px


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