Friday, 22 July 2011

A prototype

Good afternoon, peeps!

Well it's Friday again and blogging seems to be developing into a Friday habit recently. I do try to blog more frequently but I often don't have anything new I can show to you because the Clarity work is secret until after it's aired on Create and Craft TV.

Anyhoo, who'd like a tasty cupcake to have with their cup of tea? Me please, me please!! The good thing about this one is that it's totally calorie free - the only snag is that it probably doesn't taste too good the main ingredients being polystyrene, ribbon, cardboard and glue! I hope it looks better than it would taste!

You've probably seen a few of these around Blogland and I've been wanting to make one for some time. They're designed to hold one of those gift cards that looks like a plastic credit card so you lift up the chocolate flake and there it is, attached by means of a paper clip that's glued into the folds of the cardboard chocolate flake. I bought some instructions at the last show at Harrogate and they were from The Hobby House. There's also a video on You Tube here, which is very good.

As my heading says, this is my prototype and I'm certainly glad I had a trial run because I leaned a lot from it and the next one will definitely be better and it will also have a box to live in. I think that will make it a much nicer or perhaps a more complete gift.

Well my cup of tea is now finished - without a tasty, sugar topped cupcake (makes sad face!) but I guess it's better for my figure.

Enjoy your weekend be it with or without cupcakes!



  1. Wowww this is absolutely stunning Diane!!
    Great work!
    Hugs Kristel

  2. Oh my goodness Diane this is incredible!
    Such a beautiful creation! Looks good enough to eat!
    kim x

  3. It may be a prototype but it is fabulous. You've made an excellent job of that. Next time use edible ingredients and I'll come for tea, lol, x

  4. I never eat cup cakes - too sickly for me and I am not into stamped images of them or anything to do with them ..... but THIS! It is amazing, fantastic, unbelievable. Gosh Diane, you are so talented!


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