Monday, 5 July 2010

They did go to the ball

OK - this is a boring Granny post but I couldn't resist showing you this picture of number one grandson, Matt and his gorgeous girlfriend Ally before their school prom. I have to say that it makes me feel seriously old when my grandson looks down at me from his 6' 2" height - I just can't believe where that (nearly) 17 years has gone! Hey, ho!

I also find it amazing what a major occasion the school prom has become now - it makes me slip into 'Grumpy Old Woman' mode and say 'It wasn't like that in my day!!' Anyhoo, I think they had a marvellous time.

I promise to try and post a card next time!

Diane x


  1. What a lovely looking couple and isn't Matt like his Mum. Love Ally's frock, fab, x

  2. Lovely to see them so beautifully turned out and good luck to them for the future. They are all usually so casual these days. I'm sure they enjoyed the occasion and I think it is good at their age when it is a stepping stone to adult life, but I don't like the teenies doing it.
    Jo x

  3. Hi Diane
    aww they look a beautiful couple,gorgeous dress,never had a prom in my day either, shame i would have luvd to have got dressed up, sue,x

  4. Thanks for sharing Diane - a lovely photograph of a lovely young couple.

  5. Oh my goodness Diane what a stunning couple!
    You must be so proud of your handsome grandson!
    Thanks for sharing!
    kim x

  6. oh what a beautiful couple they make...totally agree with the grumpy old woman not in my day mode lol
    Mina xxx

  7. What a wonderful photo Diane and your grandson and his girlfriend are such a gorgeous couple, you must be very proud! I know what you mean about the occasion.... it wasn't like that in my day either :D but it's nice to see them looking so beautifully dressed up and a real keepsake for the future. Chris x

  8. Wow Diane
    they look amazing and so stunning ,you must be so prode xxx
    hugs Dawnxx
    p.s i have 20 rolls of ribbon candy to give away

  9. Wow! Your grandson is soooooooo handsome! You should be proud - he's clean-shaven and has normal colored hair! :) Seriously, he looks like a very nice young man. Don't get me started on what prom has become ... we used to do this for our own wedding!! LOL Thanks for your lovely comment on my Magnolia card - I appreciate it! hugz, Mary


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